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Contact number: 031 572 6622
Store number: 401a
Category: Fashion

BS Creations

Contact number: 031 572 5422
Store number: 207
Category: Fashion

Crocs, Inc. is a world leader in innovative casual footwe... read more

Contact number: 021 856 8485
Store number: 217
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 031 562 7105/6
Store number: 226
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 031 940 0066
Store number:
Category: Fashion

Holmes Brothers
Holmes Bros’ the brand is essentially a young men’s and l... read more

Contact number: 031572 2966
Store number: 214
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 031 562 7131
Store number: 27
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 031 572 3519
Store number: 212
Category: Fashion

Nixz have relocated to next to @mrpricehome on the upper ... read more

Contact number: 031 562 9593
Store number: 202
Category: Fashion

Old Khaki
This is normally the space that a brand takes to explain ... read more

Contact number: 031 5620459
Store number: 105
Category: Fashion

Pick n Pay Clothing

Contact number: 031 562 9453
Store number: 235
Category: Fashion

The store concept appeals to sophisticated women who want... read more

Contact number: 0315723101
Store number: 48b
Category: Fashion

Queue Shoes

Contact number: 031 562 0738
Store number: 28
Category: Fashion

Spine Clothing
We welcome Spine clothing who have opened a pop-up shop o... read more

Contact number:
Store number:
Category: Fashion

Sunglass Hut

Contact number: 031 572 7803
Store number: 3
Category: Fashion, Eyecare, Dental and Medical

Swanky Modes

Contact number: 031 562 9380
Store number: 224
Category: Fashion

The Store
Stockists of RVCA, Stance, Lundun, Vissla and more! Locat... read more

Contact number: 031 562 9261
Store number:
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 031 562 0147
Store number: 48
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 031 572 3296
Store number: 106
Category: Fashion

Willow is a lifestyle boutique store featuring a selectio... read more

Contact number:
Store number: 222A
Category: Accessories & Jewellery, Fashion

Zip Code

Contact number: 031 562 0875
Store number: 215
Category: Fashion