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Home decor

@ Home

Contact number: 031 562 7121
Store number: 232
Category: Home decor

We offer a full decorating service from “soft & hard” fur... read more

Contact number: 031 562 0331
Store number: 101
Category: Home decor


Contact number: 031 562 8346
Store number: 102
Category: Home decor

Carrol Boyes
Modern artwork to grace ones home. Exclusive metal pieces... read more

Contact number: 031 572 2846
Store number: 12
Category: Home decor

Con Amore

Contact number: 031 562 1074
Store number: 201
Category: Home decor

Ecru is a lifestyle store which showcases predominantly ... read more

Contact number:
Store number: 220
Category: Accessories & Jewellery, Fashion - Ladies, Home decor, Leather and luggage, Gifts & Crafts

Durban's Leading Home Automation @ AV Specialists are sit... read more

Contact number: 0828068046
Store number: L57
Category: Speciality , Electronics, Home decor, Other services

Le Creuset

Contact number: 031 572 5045
Store number: 3C
Category: Home decor


Contact number: 031 572 2449
Store number: 118
Category: Home decor

Mr Price Home

Contact number: 031 562 1838
Store number: 221A
Category: Home decor

The store concept appeals to sophisticated women who want... read more

Contact number: 0315723101
Store number: 48b
Category: Accessories & Jewellery, Fashion - Ladies, Home decor

Rugs Original

Contact number: 031 572 3338
Store number: 6
Category: Home decor